Brazilian wax subscription

How It Works

To sign up for the 7 Brazilian Wax credits you will be charged the Initial payment  $55.00 then $25.00 each month thereafter for 6 months.

This offer is good for the registered client only. It cannot be redeemed for any cash value or transferred to any other client or services.

If you would like to cancel the subscription before the 6 month period has ended you will be charged the full amount per wax credits used mins the amount paid into subscription thus far. 

If however you have paid more into subscription than you have used you will forfeit that credited balance. There is no partial/full refund allowed.

Once all 7 credit is used you will not receive additional credits until the next 6 month subscription period.  There is no roll over credits past the 6 months.

The card on file will be charged each month for your subscription. If you have any additional questions about this offer please contact us at 279-222-1838.

This offer is a $108 Value you don't wanna MISS...